Saturday, July 14, 2007

Training time

Since I learned English in a school, one thing I don't know very well.

What is RALLY?

It looks like something in which we can take part in order that we say personally to ourself, "I can do it!"

I was wonderig if I would participate in this kind of competition also...because I always forget to write down my training time even if I listent, read, write and speak foreign languages for more than many hours, I am poor at doing it... but I must try to write down time. It is very nice to think about my own condition any time.)

I am very sorry for not having written it well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

7th of July celebration, "Tanabata"

The 7th July celebrations or Star festival almost always include branches of bamboo with colorful decorations at home, in subway stations, and in main streets in some cities like Sendai and Hirastkta. And they go far back in a Chinese legend. Kengyuu (the star Alter) meets Orihime (the star Vega) only once a year on this day over the Milky Way called "Amanogawa" in Japanese.
On this day, people write their wish on a stripe of paper, "Tanzaku", hanging it on the branches of bamboo.
This year, I wrote my wish about improving my English.on bamboo tree during Yube.

Unfortunately, I wrote my wish in French...
"J'ai envie d'obtenir plus de huit cent points pour TOEIC."
It translates as "I want to get over 800 points for TOEIC."

Personally, I would like to improve two languages at tht same time. My first target score is 60% for TEF, Test d'Évaluation de Français.
In the near future, maybe in september, I will go to France to take TFI, Test of French Internatinal (by ETS) which we cannot take in Japan.

I hope that my dream will come true like a story of Tanabata.