Saturday, July 14, 2007

Training time

Since I learned English in a school, one thing I don't know very well.

What is RALLY?

It looks like something in which we can take part in order that we say personally to ourself, "I can do it!"

I was wonderig if I would participate in this kind of competition also...because I always forget to write down my training time even if I listent, read, write and speak foreign languages for more than many hours, I am poor at doing it... but I must try to write down time. It is very nice to think about my own condition any time.)

I am very sorry for not having written it well.


At 31 March, 2009 18:41, Blogger Adam said...

A rally is an event that can be for a cause, like a sport, where people can get excited and cheer. I found your blog looking for the original French text of Le grand cahier by Agota Kristof...weird, no?


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