Thursday, August 31, 2006

I have just started my training for TOEIC !

In spite of my hard work almost 10 hours a day, I listen to many pod casts in English, in French, walking in the street, in the train....every day.

Especially, I have just bought a new book, Ondoku Drill the day before yesterday. Since yesterday, I have been practicing my English with this book.

A series of my training is the following.

1) Listening to one lesson without reading the transcript (once)
2) Reading the traduction written in Japanese (once)
3) Reading the transcript in English very carefully (three times)
4) Listening to one with the transcript (once)
5) reading aloud the transcript over listenting one lesson (three times)
6) reading aloud it without listenig it (twice) Second time, checking the time, how long it takes
7) Listeng it without the transcript (once)

I think that this training is good.


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