Sunday, June 18, 2006

I found many i pods for English as a second language on the i Tunes.

Yesterday and today I stayed many hours at the cyber cafe after my work.
Since I resistered for the next TOEIC, I have been listening to anything about English with my MP3 player or my i-pod in the train and in the street except when working at the office.
This week I listened i-pod progamme for French language, too, when I was a littel tired with listening to English....for example, Radio France International, Radio Japon, Europe1, Listen to French, FSL, "French with pod cast"...

I added many i-pod programmes about English as second language for my favorite liks on the right.

In Tokyo, it is the season of rain this month. I hate these humid days.

I hope that it will be clear tomorrow!


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