Friday, June 23, 2006

Today is my salary day!

Now it seems to be summer.
Since two or three days, I have been listening to Radio France International and Radio Japon with my MP3 player in the train, on the street. And I always listen to a little slow English when I am a little tired...
Yesterday, my boss told me to write E mail in English in order to buy a dedicated server existing in USA on the internet. I tried to translate in English simply what he said in Japanese. Today, when arriving at my office, checking E mails, I saw an E mail from USA! Fantastic! American business man has understood what I said! But I still have some questions to ask... I tried to write what I must ask again, and sent it at once.

Today is my salary day !

After working, I went to Roppongi to eat Chinese food.

Today I ate Tunisian food at noon, Chinese food... Before yesterday I ate Korean food at the restaurant with my colleague near the station... How I am international!


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